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Knossos Minoan Palace - Central Court

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Knossos Central CourtWe descend from the Piano Nobile, down the monumental staircase with its two rows of columns, and come to the vast Central Court of the Palace of Knossos. Looking east, the Throne Room is on our left and the Tripartite shrine on our right.

The great square, paved Central Court is one of the basic features of Minoan palatial architecture. It provided the palace with light and air. It is believed that various rituals and feasts were held in the Central Court, as both the North and the South Entrance lead there.

Most of the paving is lost because the Venetians used a lot of building material from Knossos for the fortifications of Khandax (Heraklion).

In the summer the Central Court is full of tour groups, patiently waiting their turn to admire the Throne Room.

Knossos map : Central Court = No 06

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