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Knossos, the East Wing of the Palace

Knossos east wing of the minoan palace


Aerial view of the East Wing of the Palace of Knossos. The building complex in the foreground is the workshop area.

In the background is part of the Propylaeum, only partly reconstructed, and the stepped East Entrance.

Some experts hold that to the east was the bull-leaping arena.






Minoan Workshops in Knossos

the Minoan Workshops

This was the Lapidary’s Minoan Workshop, where fragments of andesite (lapis lacedaemonius, see photo ) were found, which the craftsmen were working on when the palace was destroyed.

Next door was the Potter’s Minoan Workshop, with a low bench and a gypsum basin. In a room above the Potter’s Workshop was found the “Taureador Fresco”.  


Knossos map : East Wing and Minoan Workshops = No 12

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