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Knossos, Caravan Serai - Tomb of King Minos

Caravan Serai

Caravan SeraiOf course, Knossos was a whole town and what we are visiting today, was simply its most splendid building. In the wider Knossos area, near the palace, are other important archaeological sites, which are unfortunately closed to the public.

One of these is known by the unusual name of the Caravan Serai: this was a two-storey guesthouse with apartments and bathrooms like small swimming pools with hot and cold water. A lustral basin and important frescoes were also found here.

Photo: The ' Partridges' Minoan Fresco


Royal Tomb of King Minos

The Royal Tomb of King Minos

Another important monument in the Knossos area is the Royal Tomb, the site of Evans’ last excavation in 1931, where he believed that the last King Minos was buried.

This is a Creto-Mycenaean building dated to 1400-1350 BC, where funerary feasts in honour of the dead king are believed to have been held.



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