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The Loggia and the Central Court in Malia Palace

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Immediately after the Grand Staircase you will see a small area (roofed in the past) on a higher level, which opens onto the Central Court. This is the Loggia, a ceremonial area for the ruler, dominating the court below.

In the panoramic image above, you can see the Loggia, the Grand Staircase, the Central Court and the altar, the East Magazines, the Pillar Crypt and the South Entrance of the Palace of Malia.

Panther-shaped head of sceptre from Malia, CreteThe steps behind the Loggia lead to the Treasury of the West Wing where many precious objects have been found, including a stone axe in the shape of a panther that formed the head of a sceptre, and a copper bracelet. In a nearby room was found a dagger and a wonderful long sword with a gilded shaft and a rock crystal pommel.

Although we cannot be certain what kind of ceremonies were held here, if we set our imagination free we might see the high priest of the palace or the king himself appear in the Loggia, bearing the sword and sceptre, to offer the gods a sacrifice on the altar as the crowd in the Central Court looks on.


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