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Guide to Cretan Antiquities by Costis Davaras

book guide to cretan antiquitiesThe Guide to Cretan Antoquities is a book by Dr. Costis Davaras, Ephor of Antiquities for Eastern Crete, Director of the Archaeological Institute of Crete

Here is an important reference book for anyone interested in the history, culture, art and archeology of Crete.

The entries are listed in alphabetical order so finding a particular subject is very easy. Within an entry each word followed by an asterisk has a separate entry so you can follow the thread of any subject you choose.

This book is also enjoyable to read without anything specific in mind, only to learn much about Crete.

The entries start with "Achaians" and end with "Zeus" with many interesting and some surprising entries in between.

Many maps and figures will help your study of historical cultures and regions of Crete.

Bring this book with you on vacation, too and you will find it very useful.

The book is available translated from Greek into English, French, German and other languages.


* Review by Vicki Nickolaidis




Guide to Cretan Antiquities by Costis Davaras


Athens – Greece

ISBN 0-8155-5044-8

Published in the United States by NOYES PRESS, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

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