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History of Crete by Dr. Theocharis E. Detorakis

histroy of crete by detorakis

The book "History of Crete" is an indispensible companion to understanding the complicated history of Crete.

The history of Crete is driven by understanding the reaction of the Cretan people to invaders and the assimilation of foreigners into Cretan society.

Crete is a unique island, located in a unique part of the world, which has made the conquering of Crete a constant goal of foreigners.

Dr. Detorakis presents the complicated relationships of Crete, both political and social, in a straight-forward narrative.

From Dr. Detorakis’ Preface to the English Edition

“In my History of Crete, originally published in Athens in 1986 and reprinted in Heraklion (1990), I have attempted to give an accurate overview of the tumultuous events and cultural features of the island. . . .

(The book) . . . gives a clear and full account of the history and culture of Crete from Neolithic times (ca. 6000 B.C.) right up to the Nazi invasion of Cretan 1941 with the legendary Battle of Crete. Written in a plain and simple style and as a continuous narrative without chronological gaps . . .”


Dr. Theocharis E. Detorakis, Professor of Byzantine Philology at the University of Crete

* Review by Vicki Nickolaidis

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