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Map of Crete (scale 1:250,000)

One of the excellent 'Road Edition' maps produced with co-operation of the Hellenic Army.

Forget the scale here the detail is superb, though it has to be said that it is not 100% accurate, at least there is an index with it.

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Map of Eastern Crete
These are by far the best scale obtainable and are fantastic maps. These take you from the West coast to Heraklion in the North and Plakias in the south. The detail is very good. My only quibble and it's a major one, is that there is no index, so you may need another map to show you where you are going - seeing as it comes in a plastic case I can see no reason why an index has been excluded. Other than that - excellent.

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Hiking Map of Crete (scale 1:50,000)
A superbly detailed map to areas suitable for hiking in Crete. The areas include: The Samarian National Park; Orno to Thripti; Asterousia Mountains on the South coast; Mountain Idi or Ida; Lasithi Mountains. The Accompanying booklet describing the walks comes is in Greek, English, German and Italian, with a few photos, but no index. The lack of index is understandable as you are in a finite area here and will probably know where you are setting off from and where you are going to but I still believe that one should have been included. Once again an excellent map.


Map of Greece (scale 1:500,000)
If you need a map to the whole of mainland Greece, this is my own tip. Road Editon produce a 1:500,000 at £6.95. It excludes the islands so you get a better scale with, consequently, more detail of the mainland. Road Edition produce 5 maps to Mainland Greece all of 1-250,000 scale (£5.95). While this might not seem a particularly detailed scale, especially to those used to British ordnance survey maps, believe me, they are an absolute godsend, packed with reliable detail including footpaths and railway lines. At last!!

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