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Domisi Development SA constructions in Crete

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Domisi Development SA constructions in Crete

Domisi Development SA - construction company in Rethymnon

Construction in Crete by Domisi SA


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Domisi Development SA is a construction company in Rethymnon, constructing and selling houses of modern design in Crete. The company takes over the management, preservation and sale of property in Crete, aiming at retaining the original value and quality.

The goal of Domisi Development is the construction of houses in a way that combines high quality and the preservation of natural environment and respect to the traditional architecture in Crete. The houses constructed by domisi construction company, feature a unique character that reflects the serene ambience, and combine the beauty of the country with the gorgeous view to the mountains and sea of Crete.

Among the services offered by Domisi Development are the architectural design, the construction, the interior design, the management and maintenace of the property, as well as the sale, in order to advise its clients at all steps of the construction and sale process of houses in Rethymnon and other areas in Crete.

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