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Kreta Plan constructions in Crete

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Kreta Plan constructions in Crete

kretaplan constructions

Construction in Crete by Kreta Plan


Main Office:


Office in Southern Crete:

Agia Galini

The construction company Kreta Plan operates in Eastern Crete and takes over the full architectural design and construction of your house, following your needs and preferences at all stages of the construction process.

Kreta Plan cooperates with a group of experienced and savvy technicians, able to take over construction studies, renovations of houses and buildings, as well as small and individual tasks, fast and effectively.

Kreta Plan chooses the most beautiful and approachable areas in Eastern Crete, and works based on the principles of dependability and reliability. The company takes over property constructions, following closely the anti-seismic regulations, in order to deliver safe properties in Eastern Crete, north or south.

Kreta Plan also undertakes the construction of houses and properties in Crete, offering its clients a full package of services.

Houses and villas recently built by Kreta Plan can be found in Chania, Hersonissos, Milatos, Agia Galini, Makry Gialos and elsewhere.

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