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Cretan Residences real estate

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Cretan Residences

cretan residences property in crete

Real Estate Agency Cretan Residences


Central Offices:

Agios Nikolaos


Phone Numbers:

+30 28410 82976

Mr Yiannis Triantafillou: +30 6947 699 991

Ms Wanda Kobylewicz: +30 6945 616 954




Cretan Residences combines experience, knowledge and excellent service to everyone interested to invest on property in Crete. Whether you wish to build your own house, or to purchase or renovate an apartment, a cottage, a house, a villa or even purchase a business or land in the most beautiful part of Crete, the southeastern part of the island, Cretan Residences is the real estate agency for the best deals.

Cretan Residences offer professional services in Agios Nikolaos, a beautiful and quiet town in eastern Crete. Mr. Yiannis Triantafillou and partners having 15 years’ experience in property sales in Crete, guarantee the best and most advantageous purchase for you.

We guide you at every stage, from the purchase of the property to the interior and exterior decoration of the house you dream of, in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Moreover, every time you will need to, you will find us standing next to you with the seriousness and reliability of the experienced professionals.

We also give you information about our properties for sale in the as well as for the situation in the real estate market in general, in order to form the right decision for your home in Crete.

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