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Crete Estate - Property in South-East Crete

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Real Estate Agency Crete Estate


Central Offices:

Makry Gialos

Phone Number:

+30 28430 51962
+30 6976 438697




The property agency Crete Estate in Makry Gialos Sitia, is an independent real estate company operating mostly in areas of the South East Crete, such as Makry Gialos, Pefkoi, Agios Stefanos, Analipsi.

Crete Estate aims at those who wish to buy traditional houses, property and villas in Makrygialos and the surrounding area.

The goal of the company Crete Estate is to help those who wish to buy their own house or property, guiding them in all the necessary steps to locate and purchase a property in the area.

There is a vast variety of estate property in Makry Gialos, as well as traditional houses, due to the development and the interest shown by Greeks and foreign buyers in the area; the real estate company Crete Estate in Makrygialos can help you make the most proper choice according to your preferences.

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