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Nikou real estate in Sissi, Crete

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Nikou Real Estate - houses, villas and land in Crete

nikou real estate houses villas land in crete

Real Estate Agency Crete Estate


Central Offices:


Phone Number:

Suzanne Schils

0030 28410 71433, 28410 71722
Mobile: 0030 6944 753479

Nikos Koutepas
Mobile: 0030 6944 723655




Land, houses and villas by Nikou Real Estate in Sissi, Crete. The plots of land, houses and villas for sale of Nikou Real Estate Agency are located in different areas in Crete, such as in known seaside resorts and traditional villages with a panoramic view to the sea and the mountains of Crete.
The property agency Nikou Real Estate offers full services to its potential clients, assisting them in all steps from the initial research to the final purchase of the property. Whether you wish to buy a plot of land, a villa, a vacation home, or you wish to complete the renovation of your home, Nikou Real Estate can offer you the needed assistance and expertise wherever you are in Crete.

Nikou Real Estate Agency in Crete colaborates with a team of skilled and experienced professionals, who aim to maintain the high level of architectural planning in Crete, offering you upscale services and work.

The website of Nikou Real Estate offers you the chance to see a part of the available property for sale in Crete.  

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