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Real Estate Agency Crete Complete Property

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Crete Complete Property

Real Estate Agency- Crete Complete Property

Real Estate Agency Crete Complete Property


Central Offices:

Kissamos (Kastelli Kissamos)

Phone Number:

+30 28220 22480
+30 697 445 8179
+30 693 239 5910



The real estate agency Crete Complete Property offers property in western Crete and is based in Kissamos (Kastelli Kissamos) .

The company operates in the field of real estate, being one of the most importance real estate agencies with houses and plots of land in Kissamos and Western Crete.

The company Crete Complete Property deals with purchase and sales of properties in Kissamos and West Chania with reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Able to innovate while following the preferences of its clients, the company gives you the chance to buy new or traditional houses in Western Crete, or sell your building plots in a fast and hassle free way.

The company offers advice on the real estate field in Kissamos and other areas in Western Crete, as well as full support during the transactions needed for the sale or purchase of property.

With its ad hoc personnel and the suitable network in the region, Crete Complete Property is a reliable choice for those who want to buy a house or land in Western Crete.

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