Platanias and Agia Marina, West Crete

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Platanias is located in west Crete, just 11 kilometres west of Chania.

Platanias is one of the most popular tourists resorts in Crete and is so close to Agia Marina that they have essentially merged into a single large resort.

Of course, we are talking about the Platanias in Chania, not the Platanias in Rethymno. The two places are many kilometres distant but you might be confused by the same name.

Platanias and Agia Marina may seem two noisy, bustling places and everything is much more intense, especially if you’ve just come from a less touristy part of Crete. You certainly won’t be bored here!

A busy nightlife, bars, restaurants, a large sandy beach and countless hotels along the seafront are the basic features of Platanias, the main tourist resort of Chania Prefecture.

Platanias and Agia Marina are near Chania, making it easy to get to if you’re on holidays in west Crete – it’s close to Chania Airport, and you can visit beautiful Chania whenever you feel like it.

Map of Platanias

satellite map of platanias

The name Platanias

bank of the river platanias full of green and platania
Some parts of the bank of the River Platanias are still green

Platanias lies at the mouth of the River Platanias, which was called the Iardanos in Homer’s time. Nowadays the river is known as the Platanias or Keritis. The banks were once lined with plane trees (platania in Greek), whence the name of the area.

Ano Platanias and Kato Platanias

Ano Platanias (Upper Platanias) is the old village on top of the hill overlooking the area. The view from the Acropolis, as the locals call it, is most impressive, as the following mantinada (Cretan rhyming couplet) indicates:

On the peak of Platanias I’ll build my nest so free,
My heart will open wider as I gaze across the sea.

Kato Platanias (Lower Platanias) is the new seaside resort which has arisen due to local tourist development.

Platanias is ideal for…

platanias beach

Platanias is ideal for people who want a seaside holiday. One of the largest beaches in Crete, 7 kilometres long, stretches east and west of Platanias.

Platanias is the ideal destination for young people in search of wild fun, but you’ll also see many families with babies and young children enjoying their holidays, as the place has amenities to suit every taste, including numerous family-friendly hotels.

dancing in night club in platanias
Platanias is the hub of nightlife in West Crete

How to get to Platanias

From Chania Airport to Platanias. Platanias is 11 km from Chania, and you get there by taking the National Road from Chania to Kissamos. It’s a major tourist destination and there are detailed signs, so don’t worry about missing the exit from the National Road to the Platanias resort.

On leaving the National Road you find yourself at a large crossroads. Directly opposite is a sign pointing to Platanias and Agia Marina, and another pointing to Maleme and Kolymbari. Take the correct route and about 1 kilometre further on you will see the sign welcoming you to Platanias. Even if you miss the sign, the area is so built-up you will definitely know you’ve arrived.

If you turn off the National Road towards the village of Ano Stalos, you will find yourself on the coast road to Agia Marina. Keep straight on to Platanias. The seaside road from Ano Stalos is a very good one, so take it if you’d rather enjoy a drive along the coast.

From Souda Bay Port to Platanias. This is exactly the same route as that from Chania Airport. From Souda, exit onto the Rethymno-Chania National Road. Don’t enter Chania itself or you’ll get bogged down in traffic.

Getting to Platanias by bus from Chania Airport. There are no direct buses from Chania Airport to Platanias. You have to change buses in Chania.

Getting to Platanias by bus from Chania. If you haven’t got your own transport, there are regular local buses to and from Chania every day. Especially in the summer, there are plenty of buses all day long until 10 p.m.

Getting to Platanias by car from Chania. From Chania town centre, take Kissamou Avenue, which leads to the coast road to Platanias. It’s an easy route and you can’t get lost.

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