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Chania Firkas Fortress

firkas fortress in chaniaThe Firkas Fortress was constructed in 1629 in Chania to protect the Venetian harbour entrance from raiders. “Firka” in Turkish means a military division, and the building was used as the barracks of the Turkish army in Chania.

The Maritime Museum of Crete is housed in the Firkas fortress today.

The Union of Crete with Greece in 1913 was celebrated at Firkas Fortress. The Turkish flag was hauled down for the last time and the blue-and-white flag of Greece raised in its place, where it has waved proudly ever since.

Firkas Fortress has a panoramic view of the Venetian harbour of Chania, and offers a great photo opportunity.

Until the previous century, under Firkas Fortress was the “Kerkelos”, the great iron ring to which one end of the chain closing off the harbour mouth was attached. The other end was attached to the lighthouse.

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