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Sissi in north eastern Crete

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Useful Information About Sissi

In Sissi you can find just about anything you may need to complement your vacation: small supermarkets, internet cafes, souvenir shops, car and bike rentals, bank and ATM machines and pharmacy. If you're wondering about the nightlife, there are two bars which are quite lively and stay open very late. However, if you're in an extreme all-night partying mood, neighbouring Malia and Hersonissos have many bars and clubs - but be prepared for a "wild" scene. Taxi fare to Malia is about 12 euros, while Hersonissos is around 20 euros. There is a bus service also, but it doesn't run very late and is not convenient.

Sissi Beaches

beach in Sissi Crete






The beach within the port of Sissi: a small sandy beach protected by a wave-breaker. Not the best, but the most central.







beach in Sissi Crete



Boufos Beach, 500 metres east, is small, but sandy, and has umbrellas available during the season. There's one taverna for food and drink.





beach in Sissi Crete






Avlaki Beach is a narrow opening between the rock formations, with a rocky surface. It is used mostly as an access to the excellent neighbouring beach of the Kalimera Kriti Hotel.





Kalimera Kriti Beach is a lovely, well maintained area perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Park your car in Avlaki and walk about 100 metres over an easy path on the beach rocks until you come to an oasis of smooth sand on the shores of a man-made bay. This beach is protected by a stone jetty, which provides for a smooth sea for swimming safely. Beach umbrellas are available, as well as sea sports, diving and the convenient hotel beach bar. If you want more seclusion, spread your beach towel under the shade of the sea pines at the very beginning of the beach.

beach in Sissi Crete


About 1.5 kilometres west of Sissi there is a lovely sandy beach next to the Hellenic Palace Hotel. This beach has a little island just off-shore and is ideal for those who like to explore the "deep" with mask and snorkel.

The beach at Malia's archaeological site is about 4 kilometres west of Sissi, but drive slowly or you may miss the small sign indicating the turn-off for the site. About 200 metres after the site itself is a nice sandy beach with umbrellas and a cantina for snacks. It's a large beach, usually not too crowded.

Sun Beach is about 500 metres further west from the archaeological site beach, and is more commercial and organized. It features sea sports, games and a play area for children. If large crowds and recorded music are not your idea for fun in the sun, then this beach is not for you.

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