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Crete Practical Information, answers to common questions about Crete, what you should know before you travel to Crete.

Crete Interesting Information, learn more about Crete, its culture and its people.

Useful Phonenumbers, phone numbers of authorities, airports and bus stations, embassies, etc.

car rental, roads, distances, driving in crete

Car Rental in Crete, tips and information about car rental in Crete and Greece.

Distances between towns in Crete, road distances between towns and sites of interest in Crete.

Driving in Crete, road conditions in Crete, tips for safe driving.

Driving to Crete from Northern Europe

Taxis in Crete, what you should know about getting a taxi in Crete, taxi fares.

Gas stations in Crete

Petrol prices in : Heraklion, Chania, Rethymnon, Agios Nikolaos and Ierapetra

prices in crete in euro

Prices in Crete, prices of common goods and services.

Cheap Mobile Calls in Greece, how to make cheaper calls with your mobile phone in Crete.

Currency Converter

Products of Crete: olive oil, olive oil soap, wine

various about crete and greece

Greek Namedays, Greek name days and public holidays in Greece.

Interviews with people living, working or enjoying their vacation in Crete.

Learn basic Greek, learn Greek words and phrases, learn how to count in Greek.

Tips for beaches in Crete, water temperature in Crete beaches, pets on beaches, how safe are the beaches in Crete, choose the right beach for the windy days

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