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Map of Chania old town

Numbers in red: monuments, museums, points of interest in the old town in Chania :

1. Monastery Santa Maria

2. Venetian walls at western trench

3. The Cathedral of Chania

4. Arsenals (ship yards)

5. Saint Anargiri church

6. Venetian walls at Koum Kapi area

7. Theater at eastern trench

8. Saint Nikolaos church in Splantzia

9. Arsenals (shipyards)

10. Customs house

11. Hassan Pascha mosque

12. Lighthouse

13. Firkas fortress and the Nautical museum

14. Minaret

15. Splantzia

16. The Great Arsenal

17. Chania Archaeological museum

18. Saint Cathrine (Aikaterini)

19. The Palace

20. Turkish Bath

21. Chania City Market

22. Tourist information

23. Jewish neighbourhood

24. Topanas neighbourhood

25. Santa Lucia bastion

map of chania old town















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