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  • Hora Sfakion ferry
    This ferry will take your from Hora Sfakion to Loutro, Agia Roumeli, Sougia, Paleochora and Gavdos. Photo by Alexander Stepanenko
  • Sfakia road rainbow
    Driving on the mountain roads in the area of Sfakia may offer pleasant surprises, like this beautiful rainbow in the sky, which is still dark after the storm. Photo by Alexander Stepanenko
  • Sfakia goats
    In a mountainous area like Sfakia, you will often meet goats in the middle or on the side of the road. Photo by Alexander Stepanenko
  • Hora Sfakion goat
    A goat walking on the side of the road on the way from Hora Sfakion to Anopolis.
  • Sfakia goat
    A beautiful white goat on the Sfakia mountains. The goats that live on the mountains of Crete are much smaller than goats in northern Europe, because they have adjusted to the local environment: rocky slopes with not much food and water
  • Sfakia goat
    Another goat in Sfakia area. These goats live in a semi-wild condition, but they should be distinguished from the wild goat of Crete (kri-kri, Capra aegagrus creticus), which is a different species. Photo by Alexander Stepanenko
  • Hora Sfakion Ilingas beach
    The beach of Ilingas gorge. Hora Sfakion town is also visible in the back of the picture.
  • Ilingas beach
    A different view of the pebbly beach of Ilingas. Ilingas gorge is about 1 km far from Hora Sfakion
  • Ilingas beach cave
    There is a big cave close to the water on Ilingas beach. In the summer months the cave is the perfect shelter from the rays of the hot sun.
  • Sfakia sea
    The fascinating colours of the sea in the Sfakia area
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Sfakia is the name of the south-west area of Crete. Hora Sfakion is the capital of the Sfakia area, but it is often called Sfakia as well. Enjoy the pictures from Sfakia area, Hora Sfakion town and Ilingas beach.

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