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Walking round Chania Old Town at night

  • Chania lighthouse
    We start our evening stroll around the Old Town of Chania with a photo of the lighthouse that lights the entrance to the Venetian harbour.
  • Chania Venetian harbour
    On summer nights Chania is pretty, lively and colourful. Here we are at the Venetian harbour, near the Naval Museum and the Firkas Fortress.
  • Chania hotel
    An old Venetian mansion is now a hotel. The photos of nighttime Chania have been taken at various times of year, like this one taken in April when there are still very few visitors. If the same picture were taken in July, the seafront cafes and restaurants would be packed with people.
  • Chania restaurant
    One of the many restaurants on the Venetian harbour front.
  • shops in the Old Town
    A shop selling carpets and traditional woven goods in the alleyways of the Old Town. Late at night there's hardly anyone around and the shopkeeper has the chance to play a game of backgammon with his friend.
  • Chania, the Old Town
    An evening stroll round the alleyways of the Old Town of Chania is like a journey back in time, with the Venetian past of the city glimpsed on every corner.
  • Chania, the Old Town
    Another photo of the alleyways of the Old Town.
  • craft shop
    A craft shop housed in an old Venetian building. The shops in the Old Town of Chania blend in tastefully and do not detract from its image.
  • old house in the island style
    Blue door and window in an old house. Blue is not a very common colour in Chania, but it lends a Greek island air wherever it's used.
  • alleys in the Old Town
    The alleyways of the Old Town are labyrinthine. Pass beneath Venetian archways, climb steps and discover the lovely images that may wait in the next alley. If you get tired and hungry, there are lots of tavernas and restaurants in the Old Town, like the Sultana Taverna advertised on the board in the picture.
  • Chania souvenir shop
    There are also lots of souvenir, folk art, weaving and pottery shops in the Old Town of Chania, all open until late at night.
  • pottery shop in the Old Town
    A shop selling handcrafted pottery.
  • traditional Cretan carpets
    Carpets in the traditional colours and motifs of Crete.
  • glassware
    Pretty glassware
  • tavernas in the Old Town of Chania
    A taverna with its tables spread out in the alleyway of the Old Town. As in all medieval Mediterranean cities, the streets were deliberately made narrow and labyrinthine as a defence against invaders, who could only move in small groups and lost their way in the labyrinth of alleyways.
  • Chania at night
    Tourists wander round the town and explore Chania by night.
  • shops in the Old Town
    A more central street in the Old Town with lots of shops.
  • restaurants in Chania
    The Sultana Taverna with live music every night. We're not advertising it, but the sign in the centre tells the interesting story of the 15th-century building, which was the mansion of the noble Venetian Renieri family. The mansion was two-storey with a chapel dedicated to St Nicholas in the courtyard. In 1645 the Venetians were replaced by the Turks, and a Turkish official took over the mansion and installed his harem.
  • cafe bars in the Old Town of Chania
    A pretty cafe-bar, its decoration suited to the Old Town of Chania.
  • traditional taverna in Chania
    It's late at night, but the little tables at this taverna are still full. The warm summer nights in Crete impose their own rhythm on Greek and foreign visitors alike.
  • Chania taverna
    The large archway you see here is typical of Venetian architecture. The customers at this taverna are mainly Greek, so the cooking must be good.
  • wooden taverna sign
    The simple wooden board and gourd with plants on this Venetian wall create a lovely picture.
  • taverna in the courtyard of a Venetian building
    The wooden board in the previous photo belongs to this taverna in the beautiful courtyard of a ruined Venetian building.
  • taverna with rebetika songs
    The distant sound of music led us to this taverna which regales customers and passers-by with rebetika songs.
  • the sow, an ancient Cretan fertility symbol
    What's this pottery piglet doing hanging on the wall under the lamp? Is this also part of the history of Chania? The sow with its piglets was a fertility symbol in ancient Crete. Legend also has it that Zeus was raised with the help of a sow in the cave where he hid from his father, Cronus. Truth or myth? Probably both, but you'll find your own explanation for this smiling piglet if you visit lovely Chania...
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