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Pictures of Gouves and the village Pano Gouves

  • Mt Ederi in Gouves
    At eight o’clock in the morning in Gouves the rising sun casts rosy hues over Mount Ederi or Micky Mouse Mountain, called that because the two radar dishes on the peak look like mouse ears.
  • Gouves beaches Pantheon Palace Hotel
    We are on the eastern beaches of Gouves near the Pantheon Palace Hotel. The eastern beaches at Gouves are small sandy coves alternating with rocky parts of the coast.
  • beach photo
    Photo of another beach in the same part of Gouves. In two to three hours the loungers will be full of people coming for a cool dip in the sea.
  • loungers on a rocky beach
    Some parts of the Gouves coast are rocky with little sand, but even here some people enjoy the sun and sea
  • pirate boat
    This pirate boat no longer ploughs the seas but rests on the seashore rocks.
  • Gouves café bar
    The boat flying the Jolly Roger belongs to one of the seaside café bars in Gouves.
  • Gouves café bar
    At eight in the morning the café bar is still closed, but it will be lovely to sit here in the afternoon and relax as you gaze out to sea.
  • Gouves café bar
    A great idea for tête-à-têtes by the sea
  • Gouves church
    Heading towards the centre, we come to the tiny seaside church of Ss Constantine, Helen and Panteleimon, built among the pines on the seashore.
  • woman lighting candle
    An elderly woman lights a candle in the chapel before entering the church.
  • Gouves little church
    The little church is one of the main features of Gouves. Weddings and christenings are often held here, and you might be lucky enough to see one for yourself.
  • Gouves church service
    Inside the church during the Sunday service. It is so small that candles are lit in the chapel.
  • jogging on the beach
    First thing in the morning is the ideal time for a run on the beach.
  • pebble beach
    The beach here is full of large pebbles, but just to the east are the large sandy beaches of Gouves
  • Aphrodite harbour
    This tiny cove is known as Aphrodite Harbour after the nearby Aphrodite Hotel, and is ideal for days when the north wind is making the sea rough off the other Gouves beaches
  • boat in Gouves harbour
    A fishing boat rocks gently on the almost still water in the little harbour of Gouves
  • Gouves Marina
    Right next to the harbour is the new Gouves marina, with several craft moored there.
  • Gouves beach
    Next to the marina is the largest beach in Gouves, running east
  • sun lounger and umbrella prices
    An umbrella and two loungers on the beach cost 6 euros. This is the usual price on most beaches in northern Crete.
  • watersport prices
    Here we see the prices for watersports in Gouves, from pedalo to parasailing, banana boat and jet ski.
  • photo Gouves beach
    This picture was taken in the afternoon, which is why there are people on the beach, unlike the previous pictures.
  • Gouves municipal beach
    The municipal beach at the east end of Gouves, next to the former American Base. You will notice that the umbrellas here cost 4 euros, much cheaper than the central beach.
  • Gouves beach
    The Gouves beaches look very different in the afternoon, with lots of people enjoying the sun and sea.
  • Gouves sea
    Children playing on a rock a few yards from the beach, with the Gouves church in the background.
  • Gouves beach road
    There are cafeterias and tavernas all along the Gouves beach road, which is 3 kilometres long.
  • stroll through Gouves
    Late in the afternoon people go for a stroll along the main Gouves road with its shops and restaurants.
  • Gouves night
    Walking in Gouves at night
  • Gouves restaurants shops
    The main road of Gouves has both souvenir shops and many restaurants.
  • gold and jewellery
    If you want to buy jewellery, there are a few jewellery shops on the main road.
  • Gouves bar
    In the cafeterias and bars of Gouves you can watch a football match while drinking your beer.
  • street portrait painter
    There are also street artists in Gouves, who will paint your portrait in a few minutes.
  • Gouves car rental
    The evening is a good time to rent a car for your excursions around Crete. There are several car rental bureaux in Gouves, so you’re bound to find a car that suits you.
  • Pano Gouves village
    From the international atmosphere of seaside Gouves, we head up to Pano Gouves for something a little more Greek.
  • coffee in Pano Gouves
    A pretty corner to enjoy your coffee in Pano Gouves
  •  Pano Gouves taverna
    Taverna in Pano Gouves village square
  •  Pano Gouves kafeneio
    The kafeneio in Pano Gouves. When this picture was taken there were two kafeneia in the square.
  •  Pano Gouves kafeneio pictures
    Pano Gouves is just a short distance from Kato Gouves and the beach, but it is a completely different picture.
  • in the kafeneio
    Gourds or “tsouki” as we call them in Crete, saints’ icons and a picture of a couple in traditional Cretan costume decorate the kafeneio. But take a look at the next photo...
  • Gouves kafeneio football scarves
    A large collection of football scarves from many different countries
  •  Pano Gouves old houses
    In Pano Gouves you will see many old stone houses, most of them restored.
  •  Pano Gouves pictures
    Another snap of Pano Gouves village
  • old house Gouves
    An old empty house in Pano Gouves is an invitation for a quick exploration.
  • interior of old Cretan house
    The wooden doors open onto an inner courtyard overgrown with weeds, and an old pithos pot.
  •  interior of old Cretan house in Pano Gouves
    The storeroom still contains the old pithoi, now empty of oil or wheat, and a Greek flag which once decorated the house on national holidays.
  • old photograph of schoolboy
    An old school photograph still hangs on the wall of the empty house, reminding us that children once grew up here, filling the house with their shouts and laughter.
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