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  • Ano Hersonissos panoramic view
    Ano Hersonissos, "old" Hersonissos, lies on the slope of Mount Charakas, high above coastal Hersonissos or Limani Hersonissou (Hersonissos Harbour).
  • View of the sea from Ano Hersonissos
    From Ano Hersonissos you can enjoy the Sea of Crete from on high, only 2 kilometres from cosmopolitan Hersonissos.
  • The church of Agios Dimitrios in Ano Hersonissos
    Entering Ano Hersonissos from the west, the first thing you see is the church of Agios Dimitrios.
  • The west entrance to Ano Hersonissos
    Palm trees decorate the west entrance to Ano Hersonissos, opposite Agios Dimitrios.
  • Old house with greenery in Ano Hersonissos
    An old house choked in greenery. Ano Hersonissos, as seen in the pictures on this page, preserves its traditional architecture, unlike coastal Hersonissos.
  • Ano Hersonissos, road to the square
    From this point (west entrance), you move on towards the main village square.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, the square
    The main square in Ano Hersonissos is the heart of the village and its prettiest spot. Every Monday a traditional Cretan evening with live music and dancing is held here, from May to October.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, tavernas on the square
    On either side of the square are small tavernas serving traditional food which you will enjoy in the shade of the trees.
  • Ano Hersonissos, picture of the cook in the square
    This cook welcomes you to the square of Ano Hersonissos and reminds you that if you're not hungry, you can sit down for a drink or a coffee.
  • Ano Hersonissos, to Piskopiano and Koutouloufari
    For the moment, the only route for cars is through the square. If you want to continue to Piskopiano and Koutouloufari, you will have to cross this square.
  • Ano Hersonissos, traditional taverna
    The tavernas in Ano Hersonissos retain their traditional character, as opposed to the modern shops in coastal Hersonissos. International specialities have not yet invaded and you can enjoy the flavours of Cretan Cooking.
  • Ano Hersonissos, taverna in a traditional building
    A taverna in a lovely traditional building with its well, vine and mulberry trees.
  • Ano Hersonissos, taverna with traditional cooking
    Another traditional taverna with Cretan cooking in Ano Hersonissos.
  • Ano Hersonissos, tourists in the square
    Tourists enjoying a meal in the shade of the trees.
  • Ano Hersonissos, locals in the square
    The main square of Ano Hersonissos is not just for tourists but also for locals, whom you will enjoying their coffee or raki at all hours of the day.
  • Ano Hersonissos, small square at Panayia
    A small square next to the old church of Panayia (the Virgin) on the west side of the village.
  • Ano Hersonissos, the square at Panayia
    We pick our way between the taverna tables to reach the small square in front of the church of Panayia.
  • Ano Hersonissos, sculpture
    A small sculpture decorating the square
  • Ano Hersonissos, old well
    Relaxing in the shade of the trees next to the church of Panayia. The old well may no longer give cool water, but it is a pretty and nostalgic addition to the churchyard.
  • Ano Hersonissos, Panayia church
    The church of Panayia in Ano Hersonissos
  • Ano Hersonissos, church dated 1848
    The marble plaque over the church door bears the carved date 1848, when this church was built in Ano Hersonissos.
  • Panayia Church
    Another detail of Panayia Church.
  • Ano Hersonissos, folk art shop
    Shop selling woven fabrics and folk art in Ano Hersonissos
  • Ano Hersonissos, village alley with old houses
    The pictures speak for themselves, and a stroll through the village alleyways shows that Ano Hersonissos preserves its traditional character and architecture, unlike its coastal neighbour, the Hersonissos of bars and wild nightlife.
  • Ano Hersonissos, old house
    A lovely old house in Ano Hersonissos
  • Ano Hersonissos, women in the yard
    Mrs Eleni and her neighbour enjoy the cool shade of the grapevine in her yard.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, traditional house with green door
    The old wooden door with a may-wreath still nailed to it. There are many opportunities for pretty photos as you Walk through the village alleyways.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, traditional house with vine in the yard
    The vine in the yard is a basic feature of all traditional Cretan houses, offering many benefits: in the summer when the vineleaves are thick, it gives shade and keeps the yard cool. In winter the leaves fall, letting through the light and heat of the sun. The vine also offers the householder delicious grapes.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, old house with vine
    Another yard of an old house, covered by a vine.
  • Ano Hersonissos, old digger
    The old digger is no longer used, but it shows that this is a farming village, not wholly dependent on tourism.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, house with flowers
    This house front is completely covered in flowers, reminding us of the taste of the old Cretans, who made their homes beautiful with the limited means at their disposal.
  • Ano Hersonissos, restored house
    A restored stone house with a beautiful wooden door.
  • Ano Hersonissos, yard composition
    A few stones, earth, some flowers and a broken jar form a lovely, simple composition decorating the yard of the house.
  • Ano Hersonissos, geranium outside a house
    A humble geranium decorates the house entrance, its bright red flowers forming a pleasing contrast against the dark blue wooden door.
  • Ano Hersonissos, balcony on a stone house
    An old stone house with a pretty balcony behind the village square.
  • Ano Hersonissos, traditional architecture
    You will find lovely houses, old and new, everywhere in Ano Hersonissos. The village has managed to keep its character and architecture, withstanding the wave of concrete and forming, along with the neighbouring villages of Piskopiano and Koutouloufari, an oasis in the faceless development of the north coast of Crete.
  • Ano Hersonissos, taverna with delicious food
    A taverna full of flowers in Ano Hersonissos. Look for it in the village alleyways and be rewarded with the delicious food it serves.
  • Ano Hersonissos photos, taverna
    Detail of the same taverna. The geranium in a clay pot, the stone wall, the trees and the wooden tables with country-style tablecloths make a beautiful picture matching the traditional character of Ano Hersonissos.
  • Ano Hersonissos, War Memorial
    Ano Hersonissos War memorial dedicated to the Cretan fight for freedom
  • Ano Hersonissos, statue of a Cretan fighter
    Statue of a Cretan warrior fighting for his country's freedom
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