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  • Sougia
    Sougia from above
  • Sougia beach
    The large beach of Sougia seen from the east.
  • Sougia beach games
    You can play beach volley on the beach.
  • Sougia beach with umbrellas
    On the beach in front of the village you'll find umbrellas to keep the sun off.
  • Sougia sea
    This family is enjoying the sea at Sougia. Don't let small children enter the sea on their own, as it suddenly gets deeper.
  • Sougia camping
    A large tree on the beach provides shade for lots of tents.
  • Sougia free campsite
    Free camping is a Sougia tradition, at the east end of the beach.
  • Sougia beach naturism
    Naturism is also a Sougia tradition, but not in front of the village.
  • naturist beach
    A small beach favoured by naturists, at the east end of the beach, just past the rocks.
  • beach art
    Beach art: Mr Pebble.
  • painted pebbles
    More painted pebbles.
  • rock painting
    Rock painting.
  • Sougia beach cafes
    There are lots of beachfront cafes in Sougia for an enjoyable breakfast by the sea.
  • Sougia restaurant
    A restaurant in Sougia with a large tamarisk offering its shade to guests.
  • Sougia rooms for rent
    There are rooms for rent in lots of little hotels in Sougia. But if you come at the weekend, particularly in July or August, you may find them all full.
  • pretty picture in the alleyways of Sougia
    The tall palm tree, purple bougainvillea flowers, bright green shrubs and the street lamp make up a pretty picture in the alleyways of Sougia.
  • Agios Panteleimon
    Agios Panteleimon is at the west end of the village, built on the ruins of an Early Christian church. The church is locked, so to admire the mosaic floor you need to get the key from the kiosk on the beach.
  • Byzantine mosaics
    The interior of the church of Agios Panteleimon, with its 6th-century Byzantine mosaic floor.
  • church icon screen
    The church icon screen.
  • mosaic
    A wonderful mosaic with two peacocks, the symbol of immortality and eternity.
  • mosaics on the church floor <
    The elaborate mosaics on the floor of the church depict wild animals like the deer in the picture, fish, birds and geometrical patterns.
  • little harbour of Sougia
    The little harbour of Sougia west of Agios Panteleimon
  • church of Agia Irini
    The church of Agia Irini in the pinewood high above Sougia. To get here you take the accessible dirt road that starts just after Agios Panteleimon (see main Sougia article for details).
  • Sougia harbour from above
    The little harbour seen from the dirt track up to the church of Agia Irini. You can see the little boat that plies between Chora Sfakion-Loutro-Agia Roumeli-Sougia and Paleochora.
  • the blue sea of Sougia
    The blue sea of Sougia
  • view of Sougia from Agia Irini
    As you climb to Agia Irini, there is a magical view of Sougia and the Libyan Sea.
  • south coast of Crete
    The south coast of Crete, mountains plunging into the azure waters.
  • Agia Irini in Sougia
    The little church of Agia Irini in Sougia.
  • Sougia at dusk
    At dusk people leave the beach to return to the village and get ready for supper.
  • sunset colours in Sougia
    The colours of sunset in Sougia.
  • Sougia at night
    Night has fallen and a bright full moon rises in the sky.
  • Sougia taverna
    A taverna full of people. They say that the sea and swimming give you an appetite, and they're probably right.
  • Sougia bars
    Supper is followed by a drink in one of the little bars of Sougia. There are various bars on the beach, in the village and at the exit to Chania.
  • Sougia bar
    The bar after the riverbed on the east side of the beach.
  • beautiful cactus flower
    As I was walking along the beach taking these photos, somebody came out of a bar and insisted on showing me this beautiful cactus flower in his garden.
  • old house in Sougia
    An old house in Sougia.
  • folk art
    A shop selling folk art, mainly objects made of olive wood.
  • olive-wood basket
    Olive, the tree that dominates Cretan life.
  • olive-wood carving
    Mr Olive, a human face carved in olive wood
  • Sougia paradise
    Is Sougia a paradise? There's no single paradise for everybody. Study the information on Sougia, look at the photographs and decide if Sougia's what you're looking for on your holidays in Crete.
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