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  • Stalis beach: west beach
    Picture of the west end of Stalis beach. This is the side closest to Hersonissos, while the east side is nearer Malia.
  • Stalis beach: large sandy beach
    Stalis beach is a large sandy strip with beach umbrellas and lifeguards, lined by lots of cafes, bars, tavenas and hotels.
  • Stalis beach: suitable for children
    Stalis beach is ideal for children, who can play in the sand and swim safely, as the seabed gets deeper very gradually.
  • Stalis beach: pebbly spots
    There are very few pebbly spots along Stalis beach.
  • Stalis beach: couple
    A couple enjoying Stalis beach.
  • Stalis beach: suitable for all
    Stalis beach offers everyone the chance to relax by the sea.
  • Stalis beach: sea games
    A group of friends having fun playing in the sea.
  • Stalis beach: siesta
    Stalis beach is ideal not only for sports but also a good sleep.
  • Stalis beach: Chinese massage
    You can even try a Chinese massage at Stalis.
  • Stalis beach: watersports
    Of course a large and organised beach like that at Stalis could not fail to offer watersports.
  • Stalis beach: water parachute
    A parachute glide above the waves.
  • Stalis beach: palm trees
    The beach of Stalis stands out for the tall date palms roughly in its centre.
  • Stalis beach: palm trees
    These palm trees in Stalis have been growing for a long time, as you can see from their great height.
  • Stalis beach: palm tree
    Another picture of the beautiful Stalis palm trees.
  • Stalis beach: pool bar
    A pool bar next to the beach at Stalis, for those who prefer to sunbathe while sipping a drink to the accompaniment of loud music.
  • Stalis beach: Anthoussa Hotel
    The Anthoussa Hotel cuts the beach in half. In front of the hotel are rocks, making the area unsuitable for swimming.
  • Stalis beach: east beach towards Malia
    East of the Anthoussa Hotel is a large sandy beach along the coast road from Stalis to Malia.
  • Stalis beach: playing with the waves
    The whole of Stalis bay is open to the weather, and the summer winds raise large waves. You can play with the waves without fear, but listen to the lifeguards' advice and never swim on a full stomach or after consuming alcohol.
  • Stalis beach: cafe
    Stalis beach is lined with friendly cafes where you can relax and drink in both a cocktail and the view.
  • Stalis beach: sunset
    A Stalis beach sunset paints the sea and sky in rosy hues, offering visitors an idyllic picture.
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