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  • Stalis: panoramic picture
    Picture of Stalis from the west, i.e. from Hersonissos (west) to Malia (east).
  • Stalis: to Malia
    The coast road from Stalis to Malia.
  • Stalis: street and beach
    The main street of Stalis, running parallel to the beach.
  • Stalis: roads to the beach
    Walking along the main street of Stalis, the beach is sometimes visible and sometimes hidden by hotels and cafeterias. But it's always easy to get to the beach down the narrow alleyways.
  • Stalis: Agios Ioannis church
    Agios Ioannis is a small, old church in the centre of Stalis. There is a small square around the church where you can sit and enjoy your coffee.
  • Stalis: Agios Ioannis church
    Detail of Agios Ioannis church.
  • Stalis: supermarket
    Along the main street of Stalis are all kinds of shops, including minimarkets and fast food shops.
  • Stalis: fruit
    Fresh fruit with inviting scents and colours.
  • Stalis:  quadbikes
    "Gourounes" (sows), as quadbikes are known here, which flood the streets of Stalis and all the other coastal resorts of Crete.
  • Stalis: quadbikes
    Four-wheeled quadbikes may give a greater sense of security than motorbikes, but in fact you need to be extremely careful when driving them - they are not actually designed for use on tarmac roads or at high speeds.
  • Stalis: quadbike offers
    Rent a quad for 2 days and get 2 days free. Stalis is full of similar offers.
  • Stalis: motorbike hire
    You can also hire large motorbikes in Stalis for your holidays.
  • Stalis: car hire
    Of course there are also offers on hire cars in Stalis.
  • Stalis:  the beach at night
    At sunset, the beach of Stalis empties and people move to the main street with its restaurants, bars and cafes.
  • Stalis: sunset
    A beautiful Stalis sunset.
  • Stalis
    8 to 9 pm is Happy Hour in Stalis, with two drinks for the price of one.
  • Stalis: walk
    The sun has set and the streets of Stalis are full of people. In daytime, on the contrary, everyone's on the beach and the streets are deserted.
  • Stalis: dusk
    At dusk the lights are not yet on in the bars and cafes of Stalis, which will gradually fill with people later.
  • Stalis: beach cafes
    In Stalis, most of the bars and cafes line the beach, offering a lovely view.
  • Stalis: bars
    It's still early for the Stalis bars, which are preparing for a busy night.
  • Stalis: restaurant
    Unlike the bars, the restaurants of Stalis are busy in the early evening.
  • Stalis: pedestrianised street
    From 7 pm to 7 pm the main street of Stalis is closed to traffic, so pedestrians can enjoy a walk in safety.
  • Stalis: night
    The streets fill with people as night falls.
  • Stalis: a family resort
    Despite constant development, Stalis is still a good place for family holidays too.
  • Stalis: nightlife
    Stalis used to be a very quiet place but in recent years the nightlife has taken off, though it is not as hectic as that of neighbouring Malia and Hersonissos.
  • Stalis: night traffic
    Night has fallen, the neon signs are lit and the streets of Stalis are full of people.
  • Stalis: bar
    One of the many bars in Stalis.
  • Stalis: bars
    The Stalis night is full of colours.
  • Stalis: football
    Many Stalis bars have giant satellite TVs for watching football and other sports.
  • Stalis: jewellery
    Of course Stalis also has gold and jewellery shops.
  • Stalis: pottery lamps
    Pretty pottery lamps light the night.
  • Stalis: clothes
    Clothes shop in Stalis
  • Stalis: soaps and scented items
    Colourful soaps and scented items.
  • Stalis: tourist goods
    Stalis welcomes thousands of visitors each year, so there are lots of tourist shops offering all you could possibly want.
  • Stalis: olive oil products
    Various products based on olive oil.
  • Stalis: tourist goods
    The tourist shop owner smiles into the camera and wishes you all happy holidays in Stalis.
  • Stalis: tattoos
    Passers-by browse through tattoo designs.
  • Stalis: travel bureau
    A travel bureau in Stalis offering various excursions in Crete. The owner, Yannis Spanakis, provided the last four pictures of Stalis in winter.
  • Stalis: crepes
    Try the crepes in Stalis for a quick snack.
  • Stalis: Chinese restaurant
    Of course Stalis has its own Chinese restaurant.
  • Stalis: taverna with Cretan cooking
    A taverna offering Cretan cooking. There are several of these in Stalis - the best are usually those patronised by the locals.
  • Stalis: piano bar
    There is even a piano bar in Stalis.
  • Stalis: Nikos
    Nikos, the owner of the piano bar, invites you to Stalis to try his cocktails.
  • Stalis: Irish bar
    There are at least two Irish bars in Stalis. Here you can see the mother of one of the owners, the "Lady of Stalis" as her son introduced her.
  • Stalis: girl in bar
    What can the young men in this bar be staring at?
  • Stalis: sea at night
    If you get tired of bars one evening and want to get closer to nature, go for a walk on the beach at Stalis and enjoy the view of the sea with its waves foaming in the moonlight.
  • Stalis: sunset palm trees
    A unique picture of a Stalis sunset. The palm trees make Stalis beach stand out from its neighbours.
  • Stalis: winter beach
    A winter sunset in Stalis, when the beach is free of the hundreds of summer umbrellas.
  • Stalis: winter beach
    Another special picture of Stalis in winter, with a rainbow after a shower, something you are extremely unlikely to see in summer.
  • Stalis: after the rain
    Palm trees reflected in a pool of rainwater on the sandy beach. A big thank-you to Yannis Spanakis, who lives and works in Stalis and who provided these special pictures.
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