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  • Agios Pavlos
    Agios Pavlos, an excellent beach south of Rethymnon
  • Chrissi beach
    Picture of Chrissi beach near Ierapetra, amazing colours
  • Chrissi beach
    Chrsisi beach is fun for everyone. You can get to Chrissi island with daily boat trips from Ierapetra
  • Arrival at Chrisi
    Arrival at Chrissi
  • picture of Chrissi beach
    Chrissi beach is a place with white sand, green bush and blue sky
  • Getting around malia on a motorbike
    Getting around Malia on a motorbike
  • Getting around Malia
    Getting around Malia by roller skating
  • walk in Malia
    Getting around Malia, just walking
  • Getting around,pedal propulsion
    Getting around,pedal propulsion
  • picture
    Getting around, very odd looking noise producing vehicles
  • My Gallery: Image
    Getting around, front wheels drive
  • gortys, agios titos basilica
    Gortys, Agios Titos Basilica
  • gortys marble statue
    Gortys, marble statue of a roman noble
  • Gortys, praetorium
    Picture of Gortys, praetorian
  •  Gortys, roman amphitheatre
    Picture of Gortys, roman amphitheater
  • Gortys, roman code of laws
    Gortys, roman code of laws
  • Ierapetra,souvenirs
    In Ierapetra you can find many shops selling souvenirs from Crete
  • Ierapetra
    Ierapetra, seaside promenade
  • Ierapetra, waterfront
    Ierapetra, waterfront
  • restaurant
    Kalamari, cooked and served at Sofoklis restaurant in Panormo
  • Knosos, bull
    Knossos, bull & olive tree fresco
  • Knossos
    Knossos, fig tree
  • Knossos, northern entrance
    Knossos, northern entrance
  • Knossos, procession fresco
    Knossos, procession fresco
  • knossos
    Knossos, majestic ruins
  • Knossos
    Knossos, tourists - any photographer's nightmare
  • Lentas area
    Lentas area... anybody out there?
  • Malia
    Malia, isle and church of Agio Pneuma
  • malia village
    Malia, old village
  • Malia, morning
    Picture of how Malia seems early in the morning
  • Malia,roofs
    Panoramic picture of Malia. Malia, roofs
  • Malia, church bell
    Malia, church bell
  • malia
    Malia, clock and bell tower
  • Matala's famous beach
    Panoramic picture of Matala's famous beach
  • Mirtos,waterfront
    Mirtos, waterfront
  • Mountains Idi
    Picture of Mountains Idi
  • Mountains Kedros
    Picture of Mountains Kedros
  • View from Zeus hiding place
    View from Zeus hiding place
  • Kalimari, raw
    Kalimari, raw
  • Panormo, beach and harbour
    Panoramic picture of Panormo, beach and harbour
  • Plakias bay
    Panoramic picture of Plakias bay
  • Preveli beach
    Picture of Preveli beach
  • preveli beach
    Preveli beach from the distance
  • Rethymno ads
    Rethymnon ads
  • rethymnon seadide pavement
    Rethymnon seaside pavement
  • Rethymno fortezza
    Rethymnon fortezza, gunpowder magazine
  • Rethymno fortezza, St.Salvatore
    Rethymnon fortezza, St.Salvatore salient
  • Rethymno fortezza
    Rethymnon fortezza, sultan Ibrahim mosque built on the site of Venetian cathedral
  • panoramic picture rethymnon port
    Panoramic picture of Rethymnon port, long distance ferry
  • Rethymno,Venetian port
    Picture of Rethymnon,Venetian port
  • Rethymno inner harbour
    Rethymnon inner harbour
  • Rethymno, lighthouse
    Picture of Rethymnon, lighthouse in the Venetian port
  • spili, cretan lunch
    Spili, delicious cretan lunch
  • Spinalonga
  • sunset
    Sunset on the highway
  • amari village
    Village of Amari, Venetian bell tower
  • amari village picture
    Village of Amari view from the Venetian bell tower
  • ano vianos village
    Picture of tje village of Ano Vianos
  • Village of Kritsa
    Village of Kritsa
  • kritsa village
    Village of Kritsa, sandals for sale
  • village kritsa
    Village of Kritsa, Byzantine church of Panagia Kera
  • Village of Margarites
    Village of Margarites is one other ceramics centers
  • traditional houses, village margarites
    Village of Margarites traditional houses
  • village margarites, traditional houses
    Picture of the white and blue traditional houses at Village Margarites.
  • spilli village
    Village of Spili, famous lion heads fountain
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