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  • Apples in Kera
    Apples in Kera
  • Hercules' garden
    Pomegranates in Hercules' garden at the Pink Flamingo
  • Mochlos
    Phoenix theophrasti on the front at Mochlos
  • Sisi
    Sqirting cucumber, Sisi
  • Peza
    Grapes delivered for crushing in Peza, 9/2003
  • drink at the Pink Flamingo
    Brian, me, Carol and Brenda enjoying a drink at the Pink Flamingo
  • Chania
    Local tourist attraction in Chania
  • Chania, backstreet
    Chania, backstreet
  • Chania, Church
    Chania, Church of the Three Martyrs
  • Chania, Mosque of the Janissaries
    Chania, Mosque of the Janissaries
  • Gortyn
    Gortyn, general overview
  • Gortyn
    Gortyn, covered Code of Laws
  • Gortyn, theatre
    Gortyn, theatre
  • Pink Flamingo
    Lunch time spread at the Pink Flamingo
  • Finger bowl anyone?
    Finger bowl anyone?
  • Raki seller
    Raki seller
  • taverna in kera, crete
    Taverna Marazacki in Kera. The best baked meat and potatoes in Crete!
  • Roasting the Easter lamb
    Roasting the Easter lamb
  • Sissi
    George and I on the way to look at his olive grove in the hills behind Sissi
  • Marigianna Apartmentse
    Manos, owner of Marigianna Apartments pruning his 'finikas'(?)
  • Snake in Vrahassi!
    Snake in Vrahassi!
  • Sissi harbour
    Mole repairs in Sissi harbour 2003
  • Ron & Mamie, hi both
    Ron & Mamie, hi both
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