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  • balos lagoon
    On the way to Balos lagoon beach
  • Crete Beaches, balos lagoon
    Panoramic picture of Balos lagoon beach in west Crete
  • Picture of Balos lagoon
    Picture of Balos lagoon beach near Chania in west Crete
  • Crete Beaches, balos lagoon
    In the Balos lagoon beach
  • Balos lagoon
    Picture of Balos lagoon beach with white sand and shallow water, very warm in summer.
  • Crete Beaches: Voulisma beach, Istro
    Panoramic picture of Voulisma beach, Istro
  • Crete Beaches: Voulisma beach, Istro
    Another picture of Voulisma beach, Istro. You can see the clear blue water
  • Crete Beaches: Voulisma beach
    Picture of the waves in Voulisma beach, Istro
  • Crete Beaches: Falasarna beach
    Picture of Falasarna beach in west Crete
  • Crete Beaches: Falasarna beach
    Another picture of Falasarna beach
  • Crete Beaches: Palm beach Vai
    Picture of Vai beach surrounded by a palm tree forest
  • Crete Beaches: Palm beach Vai
    Palm beach Vai
  • beach Vai
    Beach Vai
  • Palm beach Vai
    Palm beach Vai
  • Panoramic picture from Skaleta
    Panoramic picture from Skaleta sunset
  • Crete Beaches: Preveli beach
    Panoramic picture of Preveli beach in Crete
  • Preveli beach south crete
    Preveli beach in south Crete
  • preveli palm trees
    Palm trees in Preveli
  • Elafonisi island
    Elafonisi island in west crete. In Elafonisi you can find sandy beaches like this!
  • Chrisi island, gaidouronisi
    Chrisi island in south Crete is commonly known as Gaidouronisi. Crissi island is paradise with white sand beaches
  • Kournas lake in crete
    Kournas lake is a picturesque lake in the west part of Crete
  • panoramic picture matala
    Panoramic picture of Matala in east Crete
  • Crete Beaches: matala beach
    Picture of Matala beach
  • matala hippies
    Hippies have returned to Matala?
  • matala musicians
    Musicians in tavern Dolphin in Matala
  • matala hippies
    Panoramic picture of hippies caves at night in Matala
  • Waiting for Odysseus
    Waiting for Odysseus . . .
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