Kaloi Limenes - Satellite Images of Crete

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Kaloi Limenes - Satellite Images of Crete

Agios Pavlos crete

Kaloi Limenes means "good ports" and it is located in southern Crete, close to Lentas and south of Phaistos. The weather is particularly good in this area of Crete, with many sunny days and very mild winters, so mild that the swallows do not migrate to Africa in the winter.

The ship that was carrying Apostle Paul to Rome had to stop here in order to find safe anchorage and protection from a storm. There is a cave up on the hill, to the right (west) of Kaloi Limenes, where it is said that Apostle Paul spent several days.

There are fine beaches around Kaloi Limenes, as well as a few restaurants and a very small number of rooms for tourists. The main reason that Kaloi Limenes remains undeveloped is the ship refueling station on the small island at the entrance of the bay.

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