Messara Bay, south Crete

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Messara Bay, south Crete

Messara bay satellite image southern Crete

The bay of Messara in southern Crete. Messara is a fertile valley and its economy is based mostly on agriculture, especially vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) and fruit (watermellons) produced in greenhouses and exported to various european countries. Tourism is significant in the coastal towns, like Agia Galini, Kalamaki and Matala.

The Minoan Palace of Phaistos is located in Messara valley and it proves the significance of the area since Minoan times.

The villages on the south flanks of Mt Ida (Psiloritis) are definitely worth-visiting for their traditional architecture and the great views to the bay of Messara. Such villages are Zaros and its lake, Gergeri, Kamares, Magarikari, Lagolio, Kalohorafitis.

Vori is another small town in the area, between Mires and Tymbaki. A visit to the Folklore Museum of Vori is recommended for those who would like to learn more about the traditonal life in the past centuries in Crete .

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