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The great beach at Georgioupolis


The main beach of Georgioupolis is a large sandy beach extending 1-1.5 km eastwards.

It joins the beach in the Kavros area and other ones even further east, all the way to Episkopi and Petres, forming a huge beach 10 kilometres long.

Georgioupolis Beach starts at the pretty, whitewashed little church of Agios Nikolaos, on the jetty built to link the church to the land. georgioupolis beach church saint nikolaos

The beach, sandy all the way along, is fully organised with sun loungers and umbrellas, which mostly belong to the local hotels and are free to guests.

The sea is clean and the beach has been awarded a European Blue Flag. You can pass the time pleasantly, swimming, sunbathing or trying various watersports.

If you are hungry or thirsty, there are restaurants and cafeterias along the beach road, offering anything you might need.

Georgioupolis Beach is exposed to the north winds and summer north-easterlies. On days when you see large waves breaking on the beach, be careful and follow the lifeguards’ instructions for your safety.


The river Perastikos

600 or 700 metres from the start of the beach to the east, you come to the mouth of the River Perastikos.

Cross the little bridge to find a small green oasis and a riverside taverna.

river perastikos in georgioupolis

The shade of the trees and flowing stream offer a pleasant coolth, very welcome after a few hours in the hot Cretan summer sun.

Kalyvaki Beach on the west coast of Georgioupolis

If you continue west of the hotels and the river, you will come to Kalyvaki Beach, a pretty beach with low sand dunes.

The beach is smaller than the large one to the east but more sheltered. It is organised and there are restaurants serving lunch.

You can also go riding here, after booking at one of the tourist bureaux in Georgioupolis.


kalyvaki beach in georgioupolis


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