Fortezza, the San Lucca Bastion

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Fortezza, the San Lucca Bastion

From the Erofili Theatre, the visitor has two choices. If you're not in a hurry to get back to Rethymnon and want to explore the whole Fortezza, carry straight on. If you want a shorter walk, turn right and follow the paved road to the Mosque in the distance.

Fortezza, the San Lucca Bastion

My guide and I aren't in any hurry and want to explore every corner of the Fortezza, so we continue straight ahead. A little further on we see the fully restored, L-shaped cavalier bastion of San Lucca (St Luke). This cavalier bastion reinforced the defences, providing a gun platform raised above the main bastion. The impressive ramp used to bring up the cannon, ammunition and defenders is preserved in excellent condition.

See also: Panoramic image with the view from the San Lucca bastion


Map of Fortezza in Rethymnon



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