Rethymnon, Porta Guora

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Rethymnon, Porta Guora

Rethymnon, Porta Guora or Great GateContinuing along the familiar paved street, we come to the Porta Guora or Great Gate of Rethymnon.

Although much altered down the ages, the Great Gate is still recognizable as the imposing entrance to the fortifications built after the extension of the town, in 1540-1570, based on the plans of Michele Sanmicheli.

porta guora in rethymnon

Little remains of the fortifications themselves due to the constant extension of the town following the Turkish occupation, when the walls were gradually pulled down to make space for houses.

Originally, the archway was crowned with a triangular pediment bearing the lion of St Mark in relief. The Great Gate was named after the Rector of Rethymnon J. Guoro.

The Great Gate leads to the central square of Rethymnon (4 Martyrs square) with its imposing public buildings.

In 1670 a mosque was built next to the gate according to Turkish custom. The Mosque of the Great Gate was named after the Valide Sultana, the mother of Sultan Ibrahim. The minaret built in 1878 can be seen in front of the gate on the side of the square.



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