Rethymnon, Rimondi Fountain

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Rethymnon, Rimondi Fountain

Rethymnon, Rimondi FountainThe Rimondi Fountain in the heart of the old town of Rethymnon has offered fresh water to passers-by for centuries.

The Rimondi Fountain was built in 1626 by the Venetian Rector (Governor) of Rethymnon A. Rimondi.

Water runs from three lions' heads into three basins. Four fluted Corinthian columns with acanthus-leaf capitals support an architrave on which the words LIBERALITATIS and FONTES can still be read, with the Rimondi coat of arms above the central basin.

To reach the Rimondi Fountain, we go straight on from the Loggia along Paleologou Street. At the end of the street we turn right and see the fountain and Platanos Square (the Square of the Plane Tree).

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