Hersonissos Weather in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Hersonissos Weather

Hersonissos weather follows the typical Mediterranean climate; plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures all year long and hot weather in July and August with limited amounts of rainfall. Due to its position, Hersonissos and the whole island of Crete are susceptible to meltemia, the strong summer winds that blow in the Aegean Sea.

Hersonissos weather in Spring

Weather in Hersonissos in spring, from March till May, is usually pleasantly warm and mild. Erratic sunshine and warm weather that increases smoothly and slowly are the main theme.

Temperatures rise from 16 C in March to 20s in April and little higher in May. Water is warm enough in May, although the braver ones can swim even in April. Evenings and nights are chillier, but in May you can still enjoy a night out with a light jacket. Spring months are a little unpredictable though, as temperatures depend on sun and winds that bring cooler temperatures.

Hersonissos weather in Summer

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Summer, from June till September, Hersonissos weather is hot and dry; the average temperature ranges from 26-32C in June and from 30-35C in July and August. Due to climatic changes though, heat waves do appear here as well, with temperatures over 40C. This phenomenon is not that common though in Hersonissos weather, as hot days are usually cooled down by the seasonal winds.

Humidity is relatively low but it still feels hot under the sun. Evenings and nights are quite pleasant, as temperature stays up in low 20s. Generous amounts of sunshine and warmth, and nicely warm waters are to be expected in September as well, as weather in Hersonissos is very friendly and soothing.

Hersonissos weather in Autumn

Autumn, in October and November, weather in Hersonissos is in general pleasantly warm as well, although it can be quite rainy. End of September and early October temperatures are close to 20s and little higher.

Usually Hersonissos weather changes and becomes cooler after the 20th of October, and November can be quite cool, with temperatures around 15C or even less. Showers and even heavy storms with thunders are also possible in November. In September and October sea is still quite warm and suitable for swimming.

Hersonissos weather in Winter

Winters at Hersonissos can be relatively cold, with low chances of snow fall. In general the Mediterranean Sea helps the area avoid extreme temperatures in summer and winter.


Hersonissos shares the same weather conditions with other towns in the same area, like Gouves, Stalis, Malia, Old Hersonissos, Piskopiano and Koutouloufari.

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