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Shopping in Hersonissos

Things to do when the sun is shining in Hersonissos (by Camilla)

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hersonissos, crete, beach, chersonissos, kretaIf the temperature is racing towards + 35C (95F) - go shopping! No, I'm not kidding. Let the others sweat under the hot sun in one of the many beaches in Hersonissos and go look for the best bargains. Especially in October, when the tourist period is close to its end, the bargains in Hersonissos get real hot!

All the boutiques and stores with the front door closed have air-condition. They are excellent to "cool your self" in, if you want to dream your self away or just do some "window shopping".

Why not grab the opportunity and buy a fur for the coming winters? Both fur and leather are of high quality and there are many leather shops in Hersonissos with very competitive prices.

hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, furs    hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, leather

What about buying some gold jewelry next? I am sure that your fingers will look better with a fine ring on them.
You can buy fine gold, Sterling silver (925) and cheap jewelry in Hersonissos.

Why not make a beautiful bartender in Hersonissos happy by giving him a piece of jewelry before you go home, or bring something home for your beloved ones that didn't follow you to Crete?


hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, gold     hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, jewelry

If you're tired of your tiny holiday wardrobe, take it easy. In Hersonissos you can buy clothes and shoes for every matter of taste and money. Everything from bikinis, T-shirts, dresses to leather and lace.
Try the Kasavetis shopping center. You can find anything and everything there, lots of things for kids as well.

hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping      hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping     hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping     hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping     hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, pottery

If your hair responds to the sun and gets longer than planned, then have a haircut. There are really good hairdressers in Hersonissos, not expensive at all.

hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, ceramicsWhen your shopping bags feels too heavy, why not give one of the "café-door-keepers" a chance?
Cool your self with a tasteful ice-cream which, according to the author's taste, should be enjoyed together with a frappe coffee.
Frappe is a traditional cold coffee drink (with ice) with or without milk and sugar and Hersonissos looks like the perfect palce to enjoy it.

Do you feel homesick?? Buy your local newspaper and read it while you are resting. Stay informed about what has happened at home while you are on holiday.

If you have a "cook-ability" in your hotel/apt and against all odds you have grown tired of the healthy Crete kitchen or of all the international restaurants, buy a fishing rod and go down to the pier and try your luck. You can also buy fine meat and chicken at the many butcher shops in Hersonissos.

On the high season the sun tends to shine and be really hot and if you're not tired of shopping yet, there are plenty of fine local products to buy like the Cretan olive oil, olive soap, herbs, pottery, wine, fresh fruit & vegetables,( in Crete tomatoes actually taste as a tomato should!!!) or a mushroom shaped sponge (the darker the better).

hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, traditional cretan products          hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, olive oil

Don't be afraid to get short on money. There are lots of ATM-machines in Hersonissos, they accept most of the cards and there are only a few places that don't accept credit cards. To pay a visit at the bank can be an experience, but make sure you have the time. Things run slow in Crete sometimes.

If you need a massage for your tired muscles or just want to spoil your self, ask anyone for the Swedish woman who's a masseuse. (Karin in Hersonissos)

hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, internet cafesI have visited at least five different Internet-cafés in Hersonissos and some are 24-7 cafés. Nice way of telling all your friends at home how nice and sunny it is in Hersonissos.-) The prices are pretty much the same at all of them (about 700-1000 GDR per 30 minutes).

I'm sure you want proof that you've been in Hersonissos and around the city there are several places to develop your photos in one hour. Ask around for the prices and if you have to pay for the pictures you return.

To rent a car, a scooter or bike you just need to turn your head around to see a sign that says "Cars for rent". (Don't forget to check the insurance!)

But... whatever you do in Hersonissos on a sunny day, don't forget to drink a lot of water, otherwise hersonissos, chersonissos, crete, kreta, shopping, frappeyou may have to pay avisit at the Medical Center, next to the taxi station.

More Hersonissos is coming up, until next time...


PS>Thanx to Jeanette for help and inspiration.

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