Polyrrinia gorge

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Polyrrinia Gorge or Sirikari Gorge

stone bridge in Polyrrinia Gorge or Sirikari gorge
stone bridge in Polyrrinia Gorge


An interesting walking tour for hikers or climbers starts from Sirikari village, descends the Polyrrinia Gorge (or Sirikari Gorge or Tsihliano Gorge) and ends at Polyrrinia 3 hours (11 kilometres) later.

It will take you at least another 30 minutes to climb from the village to the Acropolis of Ancient Polyrrinia, but the view to the bay of Kissamos will reward you.

The walk down the Sirikari Gorge is one of the easiest in West Crete, suitable for all, both young and old.

However, even the easiest path can turn into an adventure, especially when the trail is not well blazed and there aren’t enough signposts. So, ten years ago when I walked the Sirikariano Gorge for the first time, it took me 10 hours to get to the Acropolis of Polyrrιnia.

Read about this little adventure in “10 hours to Polyrrιnia”.


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