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Pervolakia Gorge

gorge pervolakia

Pervolakia Gorge is in southeast Crete.

The gorge starts right next to Kapsa Monastery, 7 kilometres from Μakry Gialos, and ends at Pervolakia village, from which it takes its name.

You can leave the car at Kapsa Monastery and either visit the small pebble beach or enter the gorge, which is the rockiest in the area but also the most impressive.

Pervolakia Gorge is usually traversed by challenge-seekers, as it’s not very easy to walk. Some sections are relatively inaccessible and you may need to do some climbing.

The average time it takes to walk through the gorge is 2 hours.

You will then reach the village of Kato Pervolakia, where you can call a taxi if you have left your car at Kapsa Monastery.

So make sure you’ve got the phone number of a taxi driver from Makry Gialos, or hitch a lift from someone leaving the village.


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