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Mygas Gorge - Dromos tis Mygas or Mygias at Anogia

  • photo of anogia from a distance
    One of the best-known villages in Crete is Anogia, a mountain village high on Psiloritis or Mt Ida
  • anogia nida road
    The road from Anogia up to the Nida Plateau and the famous Idaean Cave also brings you to the start of an easy, one-hour hike along the Dromos tis Mygas
  • anogia reservoir
    At the entrance to Anogia, turn left towards Nida and climb up, praying to spot a reservoir to your left.
  • beginning of dromos mygas
    A few hundred metres after the reservoir you will see an opening in the road right after a very tight right-hand corner. Directly opposite the road is the signpost to the Dromos tis Mygas.
  • dromos mygas information sign
    Leave your car here, tighten your bootlaces, grab a water bottle and go.
  • photo of map of dromos tis mygas at anogia
    Detailed map showing every landmark along the Dromos tis Mygar, or “Dromos tsi Mygias” in the Cretan dialect.
  • dirt track at the start of the route
    At first you walk along an even dirt track.
  • photo sheep on psiloritis
    Anogia is a purely shepherding area and you will see sheep and goats grazing on the slopes all around.
  • mitata psiloritis
    You will pass next to mitata, the drystone shepherds’ huts of Psiloritis. The shepherds stay in the mitata to be close to their flocks, and make cheese and store it there until they sell it.
  • photo of mitato in anogia
    This hike took place in February 2010, which is why the landscape is a wintery one, with bare trees and overcast skies.
  • mitato closeup
    The entrance to a mitato is blocked by an iron door. Shepherds’ huts are called “mitata” in Central Crete and “koumoi” in the White Mountains in Chania.
  • ruined mitato
    A ruined mitato, At this point the road turns right and runs along the Myga Gorge.
  • sheepfold
    The road leads to a modern sheepfold. On your left is the Myga Gorge, while in front of you is the slope parallel to the gorge.
  • trail next to myga gorge
    Leave the dirt track, walk towards the gorge and start climbing the rock-strewn slope. There is no path, but aim for the peak in the distance.
  • myga gorge
    Myga Gorge or Mygia Gorge in the local dialect.
  • sheepfold
    As you climb the trail, you see the sheepfold below and the spot with the ruined mitato where you left the dirt track.
  • trail among the rocks
    You have to climb from rock to rock, Go slowly, choosing the easiest route. Don’t try and go in a straight line, but zigzag to make your path smoother.
  • folds of geological strata on the slope
    Stop to inspect the deep folds of geological strata which are clearly visible in the sides of the gorge.
  • psiloritis mountain landscape
    The mountain landscape of Psiloritis with its limestone rocks and Kermes oaks (Quercus coccifera), proof against strong winds, storms and winter snows, as well as the summer heat.
  • footpath blaze
    At many points along the trail there are distinctive blazes on the rocks.
  • photo of beautiful mountain scenery
    Take frequent breaks to enjoy the view and snap the wild beauty of the landscape.
  • the trail up the slope
    It’s quite a climb from the point where we left the dirt track to the peak.
  • anogia from on high
    When you reach the peak, you’ll see Anogia spread out in the background to your right.
  • snowy peaks of psiloritis
    Turn your gaze left and you will see the snowy peaks of Psiloritis peeking through the clouds.
  • the trail descends to the road from anogia to the nida plateau
    After the peak you will cross a flat expanse, following the blazes on the rocks. Then you go down a gentle slope to the Anogia-Nida tarmac road.
  • return route
    On reaching the road, turn right to descend to the point where you left your car. Alternatively you can follow the blazes and the map along the trail again.
  • this is the end of the dromos tis mygas
    End of the Dromos tis Mygas. On reaching your car, you will have covered 2.5 kilometres in about 1 hour.
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Dromos tis Mygas is a short hiking trail a few kilometres after Anogia. It is a 2.5-kilometre circular route which climbs parallel to the Myga Gorge, allowing you to enjoy a short 1-hour walk on the slopes of Psiloritis.

The strange name "Dromos tis Mygias" (Trail of the Fly in Cretan dialect) is derived from the legend that many flies gathered around the corpse of a wild beast killed by an Anogian many years ago near a local spring.

The photos show you the landscape in the depths of winter, but without the snow common in the Anogia area. If you come in the spring, the flowering shrubs and wildflowers will make the trail prettier and the landscape gentler.



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