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Hotel Rithymna Beach, Adelianos Kampos

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Rithymna Beach Hotel in Adelianos Kampos, Rethymnon

hotel rethymna beach in adelianos kampos

Hotel Rithymna in Adelianos Kampos


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Rithymna Beach hotel in Adelianos Kampos in Rethymnon is a luxurious hotel built with traditional architecture and has rooms of rustic style and a main building, all surrounded by huge gardens with flowers and trees.

Rithymna beach hotel  reminds of a typical Cretan village, because it has a church and an olive and an oil press.

Rithymna Beach has double bed houses, bungalows in the garden, suites and villas. Clients can choose the type of room they want, and the view they prefer among the view to the garden and the greenery or the panoramic view to the sapphire blue waters and the beach that opens to the Venetian Castle, in the old city of Rethymnon.

All rooms are fully furnished and have all modern amenities: TV and music, telephone, safe box, mini bar and a/c.

Rithymna Beach hotel has well appointed public areas with restaurants, bars, pools, water activities and playgrounds.


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