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Galaxy Villas, apartments in Koutouloufari

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Galaxy Villas Apartments in Koutouloufari

galaxy villas apartments in koutouloufari

Apartments Galaxy Villas in Koutouloufari


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Galaxy Villas Apartments in Koutouloufari is a complex with high standard apartments at the beautiful and traditional village Koutouloufari in Crete, located in a picturesque location 1km away from Hersonissos, the renowned tourist resort. Galaxy apartments are a great choice for those who wish to be close to the main entertainment venues, but in a more relaxed and idyllic environment.

Apartments are decorated with modern furnishings, and are quite bright and spacious. They have A/C, TV and fully equipped kitchenette, and all of them feature a balcony with a view to the sea. Galaxy Villas also have a large garden with flowers and trees, and an outdoor pool where guests and visitors can relax.

Other services offered by the hotel, are currency exchange, internet (at additional charge) as well as parking spots in the area around the hotel.


Pictures of hotel Galaxy in Koutouloufari

pool of the apartments galaxy villas the garden of the hotel galaxy villas
galaxy villas apartments in koutouloufari koutouloufari map, hotel galaxy

Reviews of hotel Galaxy in Koutouloufari

The reviews and guests of the Galaxy villas apartments in Koutouloufari refer to a quiet and calm complex of apartments, at an ideal location, with spacious rooms and hospitable personnel.

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Characteristic phrases from reviews


"Very nice rooms and very quiet ones"

"Good value for money"

"Quiet family hotelĀ  and very nice apartment"


Negative comments for the Galaxy Apartments in Koutouloufari


"Strange working hours of reception (two parts 7am-3pm and 7pm to 9pm)"

"Some A/C units were at the balconies"
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  • Koutouloufari, the traditional village in Crete near Hersoniissos and PIskopiano
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