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Plakias bay hotel

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Plakias Bay Hotel

plakias bay hotel in plakias

Hotel Plakias Bay


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Plakias Bay Hotel in Plakias is a lovely small hotel in close proximity to the Plakias beach. Plakias Bay Hotel has 28 spacious rooms with sea view, which make an ideal choice for those who wish to relax and enjoy their vacation time in a beautiful environment away from the bustling resorts.

The rooms in Plakias Bay Hotel have single and double beds, private bathroom with shower, A/C, telephone, fridge and balcony with a nice view.

In the hotel area guests can find a restaurant catering traditional Cretan flavors, while there is live Greek music onsite for those who wish to attend a Greek night.


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Reviews of Plakias Bay Hotel

Former guests of the hotel refer to the nice location of Plakias Bay hotel, the spacious rooms, and the well appointed areas in the hotel.

Characteristic phrases from reviews


"Great location by the sea"

"Very calm hotel, very functional"

Negative comments for Plakias Bay Hotel


"Many small details could be better"

"Internet should also be free in the rooms, not just the public areas"

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