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χαρτης με τη σητειαHotels in Sitia are famous for their high scale amenities and services, as well as their great view to the beautiful harbor of the town.

Hotels in Sitia vary, meeting the needs of different types of guests and visitors. Tourists can find luxurious hotels in Sitia, or complexes with apartments, studios and bungalows if they wish for more calm and quiet vacation, or if they wish to spend more days there.

Hotels and apartments in Sitia offer their rooms and studios at affordable prices, suitable to different budgets.

Sitia is one of the most famous and popular areas in Lassithi Prefecture, at the northern shore of Crete before Cape Sidero. Sitia features one of the most charming harbors in eastern Crete, and hosts fishing boats and yachts.

Sitia and its neighboring sites have beautiful beaches, a lovely environment and interesting nightlife.

Apartments and hotels in Sitia

hotel delight in sitia

Hotel Delight in Sitia


Delight Hotel is a complex with apartments and villas in Siti, located 2km west from Sitia.

Delight Hotel has 12 villas and apartments; each one features its own style and decoration.

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hotel itanos in sitia

Hotel Itanos in Sitia


Itanos Hotel is a lovely hotel situated in the heart of the town, a 3 minutes’ walk from the beach of Sitia

Itanos Hotel has 72 rooms, spacious and equipped with all necessary amenities needed to the modern tourist to relax and rest....

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