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About Chania

Chania in CreteHotels in Chania Crete are renowned for the variety and upscale services offered, ensuring comfortable and pleasant vacation to the Greek or foreign visitors.

Hotels in Chania are divided in different categories and offer various tourists and visitors the chance to stay in Chania, whether they are travelling for leisure or business purposes.

Chania visitors can find luxurious hotels or apartments to rent in Chania, in affordable and reasonable prices.

The hotels, apartments or studios in Chania offer breakfast or demi pension, depending on the category and the vacation package one can choose, or the necessary amenities in order to be autonomous and independent, enjoying his privacy in case he wants to stay in the town or at one of the numerous and beautiful beaches in Chania.

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Apartments and Hotels in Chania

madonna apartments in chania

Madonna Apartments in Chania


Madonna Apartments in Chania is a complex with studios, in a very privileged location, at a picturesque street in the old town of Chania, next to the Naval Museum

The apartments are spacious and have all amenities that offer fully autonomy to the guests, such as heating....


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silde apartments in chania

Silde Apartments in Chania


Silde apartments in Chania are located at a quiet and picturesque street in the old town of Chania.

Silde apartments have apartments and studios which can accommodate up to 4 people. The apartments are fully furnished and have.....


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bozzali hotel in chania

Bozzali Hotel in Chania


Bozzali hotel in Chania is located in the heart of the town of Chania, in close proximity to the Venetian port.

Reviews and comments from guests of the hotel refer to the nice and well appointed ambience and decoration....


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ontas hotel in chania

Ontas Hotel in Chania


Ontas Hotel in Chania is a traditional hotel in Chania Crete, at a lovely location close to the historical centre of the town.

Among the amenities and services found at Ontas Hotel is a lush garden and atrium, a luggage storage space...


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archontiki hotel in chania

Archontiki Hotel in Chania


Archontiki Hotel in Chania is a newly built hotel in the heart of Chania Town.

Archontiki Hotel ensures a pleasant and comfortable stay, as the rooms are fully equipped with all necessary conviniences for the guest.


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ionas hotel in chania

Ionas Hotel in Chania

Ionas Hotel in Chania  is a carefully restored historical home, centrally located in a charming neighbourhood of the Venetian Port of Chania.

Ionas Hotel is located 100 metres from the Venetian Port, in the most quiet, authentic section of Chania town...


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filoxenia hotel in chania

Filoxenia Hotel in Chania


Filoxenia Hotel in Chania is located at the beautiful district Koum Kapi in Chania, at a privileged location close to the sea and the Venetian Harbor of Chania

The hotel offers its guests an array of services aiming at making their stay at the hotel memorable.


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hotel porto veneziano in chania

Hotel Porto Veneziano in Chania


Porto Veneziano Hotel in Chania is located at one of the most privileged areas in the town, at the Venetian Harbor.

Porto Veneziano Hotel consists of 51 modern and comfortable rooms and 6 luxury suites. All rooms and suites of the hotel have A/C and heating, direct phone line....


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hotel doge in chania

Hotel Doge in Chania


Doge Hotel in Chania is a lovely, traditional hotel housed in a Venetian mansion of the 15th century. It consists of 8 traditional double and triple guestrooms

The guestrooms have kitchen and fridge, A/C and heating....


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hotel halepa in chania

Hotel Halepa in Chania


Halepa Hotel in Chania is located in one of the most historical neighborhoods of the town, the Halepa neighborhood, which gave the hotel its name.

Halepa Hotel in Chania is located in one of the most historical neighborhoods of the town...


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hotel monoa in chania

Hotel Minoa in Chania


Minoa Hotel in Chania consists of 15 rooms and 5 suites with all necessary amenities for its guests.

Minoa Hotel offers an array of services, aiming at serving the guests the best possible way. Among the offered services are....


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hotel anemones in chania

Hotel Anemones in Chania


Anemones Apartments in Chania is a small complex with apartments to rent located at a quiet street in the old town of Chania, right behind the Venetian Harbor

Anemones Apartments feature 6 apartments to rent, which can accommodate 1-5 people. They are one room apartments...


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hotel frida in chania

Apartments Frida in Chania


Frida apartments in Chania are located at Nea Chora beach, at one of the most picturesque areas in Chania

Frida apartments have 2 swimming pools for the clients that want to bask under the Cretan sun, a pool bar....


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hotel casa delfino in chania

Hotel Casa Delfino in Chania


Casa Delfino Hotel in Chania is a Venetian Palazzo of the 17th century, in the historical and charming town of Chania.

Casa Delfino Hotel is ideally located at the old town of Chania close to the Venetian Harbor and all major sites of the town.


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doma hotel in chania

Hotel Doma in Chania


Doma Hotel in Chania is a small traditional boutique hotel, housed in a renovated mansion of the town, decorated with Cretan memorabilia and pictures of older times.

Doma Hotel has 24 simple but nicely decorated and spacious rooms. Twenty of these are double rooms .....


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ifigenia apartments in chania

Ifigenia Apartments in Chania


Ifigenia apartments in Chania is a complex with apartments and studios to rent, situated at traditional buildings in the historical town of Chania.


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Hotels in Chania are located either in one of the picturesque and quiet streets of the old Town, or at the Venetian Harbor of Chania with a lovely view to the gorgeous port and gulf of Chania. Comfortable and traditional guestrooms and apartments, or modern hotels with many amenities are just a few of the choices offered to the visitor of the town, depending on the needs, the demands and of course his financial abilities.

Chania is the most beautiful and picturesque town in Crete. Its most famous and charming part is the Venetial port and the Arsenals, the narrow cobblestone paths of the old town that attract the visitors, the lovely restaurants and picturesque narrow streets with the shops and stores which magnetize the locals and tourists.

Chanis is one of the major tourist destinations in Greece because they are the perfect base to visit many of the impressive beaches in Crete, as well as its gorgeous mountain villages.

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