Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Caroline

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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Caroline

Name: Caroline

Country: United Kingdom

Last visited Crete: September 2003

Crete is special to me because I always have a wonderful time when I' m there, and great memories.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: Taman in the back streets of the old venetian harbour in Chania, Ela also in the backstreets of Chania.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Perle Resort Hotel and Health Spa, Stavros and Casa Delfino Hotel in Chania

Favourite beach in Crete: Without a doubt my favourite beach is Falasarna on the West Coast. Still undeveloped, a few loungers but best of all the sea is wonderful
You have to see in Crete: Samaria Gorge, Lake Kournas, Palace at Knossos, and Chania. The Allied War Cemetry at Souda is worth a visit.

Night Life in Crete: Pallas on the harbour edge at Chania. Great place to watch the sunset over the sea. Other than that, I' m a bit past the clubbing stage!

Off the beaten path in Crete: Go into the mountains. If you drive from Chania to Sfakia, stop off at the War Museum just north of the Imbros Gorge. Wonderful hospitality and fasinating collection of war memorabilia this retired farmer has found on his land.

When in Crete be careful about Be careful about mad taxi drivers, Raki!!!And Kamaki Boys!

Transportation: The infrastructure for getting East to West and back again is excellent. However North to South is not so brilliant. Take care when driving on mountain roads.

Cultural Tips: Never steal a Cretan' s woman

Favourite Links about Crete: This is the best one!

Additional Comments: Always be respectful, especially where religion is concerned. Accept the Greeks' generosity in the spirit in which it is meant. Do as much as you can when you' re in Crete, there is much more to this island than beaches and bars

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