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OurCrete Personal Pages - The Page of Charlene Boylin

Name: Charlene Boylin

Country: Herefordshire, UK

Last visited Crete: May 2001

Crete is special to me because When i went to crete and stayed in Malia I had the best time of my life the main reason Crete is Special to me is because i created a place in my heart that i would not forget the people were so freindly and the beaches were fantastic

Favourite restaurants in Crete: I cant actually remember the name of it but me and my friend Leeann made it our local and got to no the people wh worked there really well.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: We stayed at the Solo Marie which was right in the centre of Malia it had a large pool late nite bar east reach of Beaches and nite life.

Favourite beach in Crete: There were so many beachers in Malia I cant remember whck one it was but i remember who i was with at nite time on there ha ha
You have to see in Crete: Costas you will find him in the Castle Club which is excellent he will give you the royal tour. O, and dont forget to go on the Dolphins trip it was amazeing you get to swim with the Dolphins and have a greate day out.

Night Life in Crete: What can i say there is something for every one there is only one word that describes it (MAD)Out of this world Plenty to do lots of shops bars and cafe to visit lots of trips out of Crete Mlaia you can never be bored

Off the beaten path in Crete: -

When in Crete be careful about Be carefull when you go out at nite never go out about on your own allwats stay with sumone and allways take as much moneyt as you need be carefull with ur drinks too in Bars and Clubs

Transportation: Plenty of ways Hire a moped or go on trips or even on boat rides. lots are adverised there are lots to choose from they are everwhere

Cultural Tips: -

Favourite Links about Crete: -

Additional Comments: When i went on my holiday with my mate for 2 weeks we werent going to come back we loved it so much over there one day i hope to go over there and work for a year and relive the time that i had last year.

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