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Name: Dinny

Country: Denmark / Italy

Last visited Crete: May 2005

Crete is special to me because... Well, saying that the nature takes my breath away and that the perception of time is what my soul is longing for, is probably just a copy of what anybody else says. However, this is what I love about Crete. Besides, my daughter lives there with her Greek husband and two small children - MY grandchildren! :-) - which is why I've desided to move. In just some three months or so I'll pack the car and say goodbye to Italy where I've lived for the last four years. Just a step on the way from Denmark to Crete! :-)

Favourite restaurants in Crete: I'll have to get back to that later, since I just know the location, but actually don't have precise indications. Will be South Crete, though.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Lucky me, so far I've always been "accomodated" by my daughter just below her appartment in Matala.

Favourite beach in Crete: Matala and Red Beach (just one heavy walk over the mountain, you can't get there by car!)

Night Life in Crete: My favorite bars, pubs and clubs on Crete: Zafiria Bar & Internet Cafe in Matala

Off the beaten path in Crete: For me, all it takes is to find one small road and then let it take me wherever it feels like!

When in Crete be careful about

Transportation: I like to travel by Car! This gives me the liberty to explore all the small roads, take a trip up North just not to feel envious about the endless chilometres of tourist hotels by the Northern coast. South of Crete is still undiscovered to a certain extent (even though my tiny car has certainly discovered every track that's to be found there).

Cultural Tips:

Favourite Links about Crete:

Additional Comments: I'll let you know how the planning is going. Right now I don't have a house yet, I'm still trying to find out if it's possible to open a bank account in Greece while I'm still abroad, dealing with a couple of companies about the removal of my stuff from Italy to Crete... I wish I could just go, but I'm told planning is the main part of this so I'll try to be patient.

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