Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Laura Hobbs

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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Laura Hobbs

Name: Laura Hobbs

Country: United Kingdom

Last visited Crete: September 2003

Crete is special to me because it was my first holiday abroad, I was proposed to there and we had our honeymoon there. You feel safe there, everyone is friendly.

Favourite restaurants in Crete are Maria Taverna in Stalis, Anenemi (opposite Christiana Beach in Stalis) and Lambros. Baywatch is good too!

Favourite accommodation in Crete are Christiana Beach in Stalis. Hotel Crystal Sea in Anisaras was very nice but a bit remote.

Favourite beach in Crete: all of them!

You have to see in Crete: ... been to see the windmills in Lassithi (ok), been up into the mountains on our own on a scooter!

been to Heraklion old village square for a meal (very nice)

been to a grape presser place & olive oil factory (not open to public) after we helped cut grapes with friends we met.

Also did Aqua splash. Good fun but only did afternoon.

Night Life in Crete: My favourite bar in Crete is Beach Comber bar in Stalis. All clubs tend to look the same and seem pricey.

Off the beaten path in Crete: the village square with lots of tables outside for eating, and any trip into mountains.

When in Crete be careful about

- paying for sunbeds on beaches you think are free,

- rose selling gypsy children who give evil looks if you don't buy.

- Hotels charging high comission on currency etc, but most of all...

- restauranters begging you to go into their bar / restaurant!!! AGHHH!!!!

- mosquitos, how could I forget?? Some years I get bit, others I don't. Very odd. When you do you know it! They itch so much!! Lemon & AVON forest Fern bath oil on your skin is meant to be good. I used plug in's too & candles at night. When I spotted a mosquito in the room, I either used a towel to swat it (they don't move too quickly and just fall down where you can squash them!) or I hairspray them. I am an animal lover but no insect that causes me this much agony shall get away with it!

- Watch out for Mopeds! Very dangerous.

- Watch out for pervy waiters!

- If in Stalis or local area, be warned of the Happy train. It never turned up for us & left us standing for 1 hour at midnight in the middle of nowhere basically & only refunded us half of our money. Not impressed at all.

Transportation: (used to be scooter but a bit more sensible now) so foot!

Cultural Tips: If you don't like a particular side dish on your main plate tell them ie " no rice", as if you don't eat it they tend to be a bit offended!

Be prepared to see lovely little stray dogs walking about. Animals have a rough time in Crete.

Favourite Links about Crete: This one.

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