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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Mike Young

Name: Mike Young

Country: England, Manchester

Last visited Crete: 2001

Crete is special to me because everybody who goes to crete will say the has to be the people and the welcome you receive. They are always friendly and will help you with any problems you have. All I ask of you when you visit is this, treat Crete and its people as you want to be treated. Try and leave your appartments clean before you leave. You never know...You may be coming in the same room as I've just left. Be kind and think of how busy you would be and take time to make sure you've picked up your rubbish of the beach and ya thrown the old bottle of pop or beer in the bins . Come on guys, lets keep Crete as good as it was when you first stepped off the plane . Mums and dads, if you've just got back and your thinking of sending your kids away on treat ..ask them to behave themselfs. I wish you all the best for the future when you visit Crete and hope you've enjoyed your holidays there.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: for a family and cheap meals then it has to be Maria's in Stalis and also for mums and dads for that evening out without the kids (and make sure you have one), it would be Artemis up the main beach road past the church, just up on the left hand side

Favourite accommodation in Crete: many people say the apartments they've stayed at were the best. So how do i convince you...
About Nikos' apartments: they are sittuated opposite the Blue Sea Hotel bus stop on the main road. There is an underway you can cross to the other side and you walk down a bit and turn immediately right. A little stroll up the road and you'll notice the bar called Destiny Bar.. I won't promise you the world about this place nor either the best holiday you'll ever have or the nicest family run appartments in Stalis and the most laughs and relaxing atmosphere you'll get by a long shot.. But what I will say is after visiting most years since 1992, you can say its a sure bet in my books. Many many familys and singles return year after year and it just keeps getting better..I will introduce you to Vangelis and Effi and the family ..enjoy your stay and afterwards you'll know exactly what I was saying in so many words ..

Favourite beach in Crete: Elounda and Vai beach

You have to see in Crete: as i saw it when i first went in 1992 absolutely beautifull place and great people, lovely sandy beaches and great food. Lovely market for the ladys and a good pint for the lads plus the weather. Take your sun cream.

Night Life in Crete: there is too many to write about, but one that stands out from the rest has to be the Irish Bar situated on the beach road in Stalis. All I say is, have fun and sit down and relax...Your drinks are on their way.

Off the beaten path in Crete: You know, this subject allways gets me as to what to say to you all reading this.. I can only say get ya self a cheap car or jeep and get out there up into the mountains and find your own Crete. Be careful about yourself first and make sure you treat your apartments and people around you as you want to be treated yourself . With that in mind you won't go far wrong ..

When in Crete be careful about Don' t let cabbies rip you off. Make sure they run their meters!

Transportation: there is a great bus service on the island but word of warning: Get up early and get out first as they do get busy and hot and cramped. Better still, hire yourself a car or jeep, then your time is your own ..

Cultural Tips: visit as many places as you can. You won't do them all in 1 holiday so choose before you go and plan in advance. There are so many...

Favourite Links about Crete: this site you are on now. It's a good as any I've seen

Additional Comments: why not be carefull and make your hoilday special for yourselfs, as well as others and you'll keep going back year after year like I do. Take care and God bless have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves and the Cretan people.



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