Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Patricia

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Your Crete Personal Pages - The Page of Patricia

Name: Patricia

Country: Ireland

Last visited Crete: Summer 2001

Crete is special to me because I can forget all about work and worries at home, I can swim every day in the clear blue water and watch the world go by.

Favourite restaurants in Crete: We have passed the evening away in many lovely restaurants in Crete but we are always drawn back to the Cretan Corner in Stalis where they make beautiful Kleftiko and the owner George makes you feel truly welcome.

Favourite accommodation in Crete: Everywhere we have stayed has been very clean and comfortable but our favourite is Pension Soliel where Poppy makes sure the rooms are welcoming when you return from a day out.

Favourite beach in Crete: Elafonissi in the far West is spectacular.

You have to see in Crete: The Samaria Gorge - a long walk but breathtaking. The Lasithi Plain, the archaelogical Museum in Heraklion, the orange groves in the West, Spinalonga, Knossos, the Southern Coast - just get out there and get lost.

Night Life in Crete: My favourite way to spend the evening is to have a lovely meal and sit with an ouzo and watch the holidaymakers go by and chat to local people about their work and families.

Off the beaten path in Crete: The best way to enjoy Crete is to hire a car and go where the mood takes you but be careful the road doesn' t disappear!

When in Crete be careful about: Make sure you' re careful in the sun - I' ve seen people's holidays ruined because they didn't put on a high factor sun cream. Wear a hat and remember to apply insect repellant. When drivers flash their headlights it means they are coming through. Be careful how you drive and watch out for roads turning into dirt tracks.

Transportation:The bus service in Crete is cheap and handy and the taxis are very reasonable.

Cultural Tips: The people in Crete are extremely friendly and accommodating but show some respect - it isn't a theme park. Read a good tourist guide before you go and learn some of the language.

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